Lower Back Pain Specialist in Omaha, NE

Suffering from lower back pain can be an incredibly painful experience that, sadly, many Americans face on a daily basis. Having to continue on with your daily routine while suffering from low back pain can make even the smallest of tasks that much more difficult. Everything from going to work to enjoying leisure activities and sports can make the pain worse, until you reach a point where you have to miss out on the activities that you enjoy the most. For many people who suffer from persistent lower back pain the difficulties start to become normal, and it can be very difficult to remember just what life was like without the additional struggles brought on by low back pain.

Low back pain is a very common complaint, right up there with the common cold. As a result, it is one of the main reasons why Americans seek the help of trained chiropractors. It is so common that research shows that 80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. The situation is further made worse by the fact that at any one moment, an estimated 31 million Americans are experiencing lower back pain. This causes disruptions to work, leisure, and family life, making it a very serious problem with potential ongoing issues.

For some sufferers of lower back pain, the pain is only a temporary problem that will subside in a few days or weeks. However, for those sufferers where the pain is persistent and continuously reoccurs, it can be incredibly difficult to even face getting up in the morning. This is when low back pain treatment becomes so important for maintaining a good quality of life.
Before the pain gets to be too much, and your quality of life is negatively impacted, one of the best places to turn is to an Omaha Nebraska back pain specialist. With professional help to address the problem at the source, not simply deal with the immediate pain, you can take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and pain-free life.

Understanding the Spine

Before addressing why low back pain treatment is so essential, it is important to look at just why lower back pain occurs. This all starts with getting to know the spine, and just what can go wrong to cause such serious pain. The spine is an incredibly complex part of the body and performs many essential functions. The spine itself has 24 bones, called vertebrae, with a cartilage disc joint between each pair of vertebrae.  This disc joint allows the spine to be highly mobile, bending forward, backward, and side to side. The disc also allows the joint to rotate.  Muscles and ligaments then provide protection, support and mobility, keeping the spine safe but still allowing it to remain flexible and mobile.

Commonly, low back pain is a result of a sprain or injury on the spine. Any anatomical changes, or stiffening of the links, causes additional strain on other parts of the joints. This strain can build over time, making it common for small tasks or movements to result in severe low back pain, as the pressure finally becomes too much.

Over time, the pain can continue to increase, and further instances of lower back pain can occur. This usually happens because scar tissue forms when the joint repeatedly damages and then heals.  This scar tissue is then much easier to further damage.  However, while sprains are incredibly common, there is a plethora of ways that the lower back can be damaged, and result in pain that requires low back pain treatment.

Further Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

From existing conditions to traumatic impact, there are multiple reasons why you might be experiencing lower back pain. In many cases, awkward falls, heavy lifting, or continuous bad posture may be the cause. However, there may be an underlying cause that has accentuated the low back pain. Some of the most common causes of low back pain include:

  • Congenital or Degenerative Joint and Bone Conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Nerve Irritation
  • Lumber Strain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Joint or Bone Injuries
  • Infections

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

There are different ways that you can identify whether the pain you are feeling is a result of low back pain, or another condition. Being able to properly identify the type of pain can help your Omaha Nebraska lower back pain specialist to diagnose the problem and ensure that you receive the right low back pain treatment. Common symptoms of lower back pain include:

  • Back pain that gets better throughout the day, after you have woken up and started moving
  • A pain that lessens when you move position, especially after a long time sitting down
  • Pain that you can feel in your feet and legs
  • A stiff feeling in the back or a dulled pain sensation.
  • Trouble moving, lifting, or performing daily tasks

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

There are different ways that you can identify whether the pain you are feeling is a result of low back pain, or another condition. Being able to properly identify the type of pain can help your Omaha Nebraska lower back pain specialist to diagnose the problem and ensure that you receive the right low back pain treatment.

Common symptoms of lower back pain include:

  • Back pain that gets better throughout the day, after you have woken up and started moving
  • A pain that lessens when you move position, especially after a long time sitting down
  • Pain that you can feel in your feet and legs
  • A stiff feeling in the back or a dulled pain sensation
  • Trouble moving, lifting, or performing daily tasks

Omaha Nebraska Low Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care is an alternative to standard medication or surgical solutions, offering instead a tailored treatment plan to suit your personal circumstances. This goes right to the problem, not just the pain, for a treatment that is going to last. For low back pain, seeking the advice and guidance of an Omaha Nebraska lower back pain specialist sooner rather than later can help to put an end to the pain as well as the cause, before further problems begin to occur.

If you are suffering from low back pain, then your chiropractor will work with you to identify the cause of the problem. After diagnosing what the underlying problem is, there are a number of possible low back pain treatments that could be suggested. Each treatment is different, addressing all manner of low back pain problems.

For most cases of lower back pain, manual treatments are an effective and long-lasting solution that are commonly suggested. This could involve spinal manipulation, which will remove the stiffness from the joints, or the practice of mobilization, which involves the chiropractor slowly adjusting the joints, and easing the pain.

There are multiple further treatments that may be better suited to individual problems, such as the right exercises to help you stretch, traction rehabilitative therapy, or a course of physio-therapeutic rehabilitation to help you gradually ease the pain, and stop the problem at the root cause. Each patient has very different needs, and these should be reflected in a tailored treatment plan.

Low back pain can range from causing discomfort, to causing severe pain on a consistent basis, which is why receiving the right care when you need it most is essential to your well-being. While the treatments may change, at Omaha Central Chiropractic, you can always be certain that your treatment will be as comfortable as possible and accommodating to your needs, no matter what kind of lower back pain you’re suffering from.

Why Does Lower Back Pain Need to Be Treated?

Nobody wants to be the one that’s stuck on the side-lines while everyone else is having fun and enjoying their lives. Sadly, when you have persistent low back pain, oftentimes it is not always possible to dive in and live life to the fullest. Treating the lower back pain at the root of the problem is the best way to start enjoying life again, and not have to worry about missing out on the fun because you aren’t physically capable of joining in.

Chiropractic low back pain treatments can get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, improving your lifestyle going forwards. However, it is not just the immediate benefits that make low back pain treatment so important, but the prevention of ongoing problems.

It is no secret that low back pain can lead to some serious ongoing problems that may not be as easy or as simple to treat. Untreated chronic low back pain can cause nerves in the spinal cord to change which can result in persistent low back pain even after treatment. Coupled with lowered amounts of sleep, and emotional and physical drain, untreated low back problems can drastically reduce your quality of life.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care Over Standard Medication

If you’ve been suffering from low back pain for a prolonged period of time, it is very likely that you have turned to medication at one point or another in order to lessen the symptoms. While pain medication is effective at reducing the pain in your back, it does very little to address what’s causing the pain. A cycle of low back pain and medication is a very unhealthy practice, and one that really doesn’t help you jump back into the action.

This is made worse over time, as repeat use of pain relief means that you have to take more and more in order to get the desired effects. What an Omaha lower back pain specialist can offer is a long-term solution, one that the short-term relief of pain medication can’t compete with. Instead of simply masking the problem, so you can get back to work or enjoy a day without pain, chiropractic care gives you the ability to experience those pain-free days in the long-term.

As chiropractic care seeks to help your body recover and become healthier, pain medication can cause severe damage with ongoing problems and a chance to become dependent or addicted. It is also a generic approach to what is a personal problem. Chiropractic care is tailored to your needs and those of your body. The long-term solution of chiropractic care may not be the first port of call, like pain relief, but it is the best way to ensure that your health improves, and you can get back to doing the things you love without relying on pain relief.

The Main Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for low back pain

  • All treatments are tailored to your specific needs.
  • No dependency on expensive or habit-forming medication.
  • A friendly and caring approach that gets to the root of the problem.
  • A long-term solution that addresses the cause not the symptoms.
  • Pain relief that is long-lasting.
  • Help with ongoing rehabilitation.

How Quickly will the Pain Subside After Low Back Treatment?

One of the biggest questions surrounding low back pain treatments is just how long the treatment is going to take, and when the pain will subside. This is a very understandable question because oftentimes for the patient who has lived with low back pain for so long, the potential of being pain-free is exciting. However, due to the individual nature of each patient’s symptoms, cause of injury, severity of injury and other unique, potentially complicating, factors the time to predict when the patient will be pain free is based on an individual patient by patient basis.

Along with other unique circumstances, the low back pain treatment effectiveness depends on the cause of the pain, how long it has been present, what treatment is required, and what rehabilitation may be needed. Each person suffering from low back pain will have different requirements.

For some people, occasional treatment is all that is required to relieve the pain and help to overcome the cause of the low back pain. For others, very regular low back pain treatment may be needed where the pain has been present for a long period of time, and the lower back requires substantial ongoing treatment. This can be different from person to person, depending on their personal circumstances.

No matter the cause of your lower back pain, or the treatment that is required, Dr Jamie Van Roekel and Omaha Central Chiropractic will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. As your lower back pain eases, we’ll make sure that you have the best tailored plan to get you up and moving about as easily as you once were able to. With the right treatment, and rehabilitation, you should no longer have to worry about sitting on the side-lines.

Why Choose Omaha Central Chiropractic in Omaha Nebraska?

While the benefits of chiropractic low back pain treatment are undoubtable, what makes Omaha Central Chiropractic the best option for treatment?

Our passion and dedication for chiropractic treatments means that we always strive to find the underlying cause of a problem, not just address the pain. Despite how common low back pain is, it does not detract from just how painful it can be, or the extent to which it can impact your life. We understand that having a ‘bad back’, goes a lot further than just discomfort.

It can be difficult to finally seek help for low back pain, which is why we make every experience comfortable, friendly, and caring, creating an environment tailored to your well-being. Our extensive knowledge of tried and tested techniques, along with our innovative approach to providing exemplary chiropractic care, means that you’ll only get the highest standard of treatment.

Every session with our Omaha Nebraska lower back pain specialist is designed not only for your comfort, but also for the ongoing health of your back. If you are suffering from any degree of low back pain, then we are always on hand to provide a treatment that fits your needs. From diagnosis, to treatment and rehabilitation, we have you covered with the best chiropractic services in Omaha Nebraska.

For more information about effective chiropractic care treatments for lower back pain, don’t hesitate to contact Omaha Central Chiropractic for a friendly consultation.