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Best Chiropractors in Omaha
Omaha Central Chiropractic is a modern chiropractic clinic that is dedicated to helping the residents of Omaha improve their quality of life.  Opened in the spring of 2017, our clinic provides treatments for a vast range of common afflictions, from low back pain, to posture correction, headaches, neck pain and sleeping problems.  Our state of the art facilities, and guaranteed warm welcome for every visitor, enables us to create a unique environment that focuses on patient well-being and exemplary specialist treatments. Omaha Central Chiropractic was established by Dr. Jamie Van Roekel, a fully trained and qualified chiropractor with years of experience in chiropractic care. Taking his passion for innovative chiropractic treatments, Dr. Jamie Van Roekel has created a chiropractic clinic that tailors its treatments to the unique requirements of every patient. Patients of all ages are welcomed warmly at Omaha Central Chiropractic, which is perfectly equipped to help with problems in infancy, to those that occur later in life.  Our specialist treatments set us apart from the crowd, showing our dedication and passion for the profession while still ensuring that every patient has a unique, comfortable, and effective treatment

What Do We Do?

Best Chiropractors in Omaha
At Omaha Central Chiropractic, we specialize in modern solutions for age old ailments. Our doctor and our dedicated team are on hand to diagnose the cause behind your pain, and then provide you with professional advice on the next step of your treatment. Our team is trained in multiple different areas of chiropractic care, enabling us to treat minor as well as severe problems efficiently, but with the care and attention that each patient deserves. From sports injuries, to normal wear and tear of the back and posture over the years, we seek to find solutions that don’t require surgery or medication.  We strive not just to relieve the pain of an injury or problem but get right to the root of its cause.  We focus on long-term solutions, with individually tailored rehabilitation plans; not short-term treatment that allows pain to reoccur. Going forward, we value the aftercare of our patients and the prevention of further problems.  After treatment at Omaha Central Chiropractic we will ensure that you have all the information you need for quick rehabilitation, so you can get back to living a healthier and happier life.

Where Can You Find Us?

Omaha Central Chiropractic is located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, allowing visitors from all over the metro area to reach us with ease.  Our office is perfectly situated so you should have no trouble finding us.

We are located just across the street from Westside High School on the northside of Pacific Street in the Countryside Village shopping center.  We’re in the second building back on the same side as the Starbucks. 

Office Hours:

Monday: 8am-6pm

Tuesday: 3pm-6pm

Wednesday: 8am-6pm

Thursday: 8am-6pm


Low Back Pain

The causes, symptoms, and treatments for lower back pain differ from person to person. With expert chiropractic care and innovative treatments, the problem can quickly be addressed at the source, not just at the symptoms.


Sciatica is buttocks or leg pain that is experienced as a result of an injury or problem in the lower back. Whether the result of referred pain or neurologic pain, it is essential to treat the cause of sciatica as quickly as possible with professional chiropractic care.


Recurring headaches and migraines can be extremely painful and cause disruption in your day to day life. By using the right prevention techniques and treating the problem at the source, you can prevent the onset of headaches and migraines.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be the result of a vast range of injuries and problems, often leaving individuals in a great deal of pain. For persistent or reoccurring shoulder pain, chiropractic care is essential for continued good health.

Posture Correction

Your posture reflects a lot about your health, both mentally and physically. With innovative chiropractic care and tailored treatments, you can regain confidence, strength, and stability with good posture.


If you’re in persistent pain, or are recovering from an accident, physiotherapy can help you to regain a good quality of life. With tailored treatments, you can speed up your recovery time, ease pain, and strengthen your body.

Neck Pain

Suffering from persistent neck pain can be a troubling and very painful experience. With the help of a professional chiropractor, the symptoms and causes can be addressed effectively to ensure that recovery is both comfortable and quick.

Sleep Problems

If you’re not getting enough sleep, your whole body can suffer the consequences. With chiropractic care, you can identify the cause of the sleep deprivation and receive treatment to improve your health and energy levels.

Chiropractic Care

The treatments and techniques that fall under chiropractic care can help to treat and prevent a large number of problems. If you’re in pain, or are worried about your health, chiropractic treatment can help.

Expert Chiropractic Care in Omaha Nebraska​

Experiencing chronic pain in any part of the body is an experience that few people wish to experience. Not only does chronic pain leave you feeling awful, but it can impact nearly every aspect of your life.  Whether you have to miss work, skip your favorite activities, or the pain is so bad that you can’t go about your daily life independently, chronic pain can feel like a problem that is never going to go away.  This is similarly the case with persistent or reoccurring pain, where many people feel like they have no other option but to rely on pain relief medication just to get through the day.

This is where the specialist services of a chiropractor in Omaha Nebraska come into the equation.  It is the job of a chiropractor to diagnose and treat pain related problems.  By identifying the symptoms, a certified chiropractor will diagnose the cause of the pain and then focus on addressing it.  Instead of only treating the symptoms individually, this thorough consultation determines the best way to stop the problem at the root cause, which in turn allows the painful symptoms to subside once the cause has been treated.

Then, a course of rehabilitation, using techniques that promote good health and continued well-being, is used to ensure that full functionality is returned to the injured area.  With ongoing pain prevention methods, designed with the individual needs of each patient in mind, a chiropractor in Omaha Nebraska will address both the short-term and long-term needs of each and every patient.

At Omaha Central Chiropractic, we provide the highest quality of chiropractic care and physio therapy, helping treat an extensive range of pain-related problems. Using innovative techniques we tailor a personal treatment plan for every one of our patients, giving our patients not only the care and attention that they deserve, but a solution to their problem that is going to last.

Coping with constant pain is no way to enjoy life to its fullest. With the help of a chiropractor in Omaha, you stop the pain at its source. Everyone deserves to be able to live independently, enjoy their favorite activities or sports, and not become accustomed to daily agonizing pain. For many, all it takes is the right treatment to turn consistent pain into pain of the past.